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Make your home worry-free!

As business owners, we are also home owners with a family to care for and protect. When working with us, we will be honest with you and provide you with services to create the best indoor air quality environment only we would welcome. We will inventory your home for areas with potential poor air quality and work with you to provide solutions for a cleaner indoor air environment.


Increasingly, indoor air quality has become a major concern in our homes and offices. Based on sources like the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside the average home is up to 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Indoor pollutants, including bacteria, dust mites, animal dander and viruses increase the volumes of poor air inhaled, and is a major cause of lost days from work and school.

Indoor Air Quality Services


High-efficiency filter

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Zoning controls enhance the ability to control the comfort of the air and temperature in your home from anywhere, including your smartphone! With the Infinity Touch, program all of the systems and save time and money.

Infinity Air Purifier


Working with The Carrier Brand, we are able to offer our customers  the highest quality products to clean and purify the indoor air in your home. From the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier with the patented Capture & Kills TM technology, to the Carrier high-efficiency air filtration filter that removes 96% of the germicidal air from viruses like the flu and common cold to bacteria such as streptococcus.